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Long term updates of Euro-dollar. Approach to trading levels ---Forex trading strategies

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart In this article, I have taken the example of euro-dollar chart to let everybody know that price respect strong rejections and strong levels while approaching those levels and taking these into mind can really improve you as a trader, and when you have similar things in mind then You are surely going to approach every trade like a pro.

Euro dollar sitting on strong level of 1.1150-1.1190

Last week we had a test of 1.1110 and that level was faked out with a rally above 1.1190 and since the time pair has breached that level we have seen strong rejections out of the level and reason been not too many traders or institutions interested in trading these levels and they trap traders with trendlines, fibos and patterns and recent downtrend line could set another example of rejection getting bought out strongly once again and we will see rally towards 1.1390 area once again and we can again see downside rally towards 1.1100 area, and we will see how price behaves on those levels to make them possible tradable opportunities.
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